NatRent offers a professional service, which includes:

  • Advertising the property in local media, Internet and Social media
  • Placing suitable tenants
  • Ensuring the tenant is creditworthy
  • Managing and facilitating the viewing of properties
  • Providing the lease and coordinating the signing of the lease
  • Inspecting the property and keeping both written and photographic record of the condition of the property.
  • Collection of rental and any other fees that may become due.
  • Payment of levy, costs, council fees, etc. on landlords’ behalf
  • Statements, financial reporting and performance indicators to the landlord.
  • Maintenance of property and advice regarding best utilisation of property.
  • Monthly Common Property Area inspections (optional)
  • Payment and reconciliation of Municipal accounts

At NatRent we are always awake for new developments in the property industry and technology with a focus on improving our service to our Landlords and Tenants alike.

What sets us apart from the competition:


We physically go to each property to do a property inspection when a tenant change occurs. We do an extensive inspection backed up with photographic evidence of the condition of the property.

Deposit finalization and dispute resolution:

We determine what (if any) damage the tenant caused and utilize the tenant’s deposit to effect repairs. We deal with disputes that may arise as a result.

Fee Structure:

We do not charge our landlords any lease renewal fees, that means if your tenant stays in the unit for 10 years then you would only pay for a tenant placement in year 1.

Property management system:

We make use of the MDA Property management system, this is a substantial investment in reporting accuracy and ensuring transparency in the distribution of your funds. We send you a remittance advice per email when we transfer your funds so that you know what is transferred to your account. By the 10th of each month you will receive a detailed Cash Flow Statement setting out the distribution of your funds to suppliers and yourself as well as a Rent Roll so that you can monitor your tenants account.

Facilities management:

When a maintenance issue is reported we are able to log a Job on our system. At this point the owner is contacted for approval before we send out the Order to one of our trusted suppliers. When the invoice arrives with photo evidence of the work done we are able to match it to the Order and pay the contractor.


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